Rocking the short hair with bandana

Short hair is one of the best fashion statements in today’s world. Women like to keep it simple and free of tying and maintaining hassle. Honestly none got time to worry about the hair. But however since hair is a party of our beauty, you got to style them and take care of them, even if you have shaved them short. Why not rock a classic bandana to keep those small strands up. And why not, bandanas are a mega trend and you know it better than anyone. From fashion bloggers to Hollywood celebrities and few exceptional idols are known to rock the bandana like a swing. And short hair with bandana is just the new trend setter which is selling like hot cakes in the fashion world. This is an amazing idea to use bandana for short hair, but you must be wondering how you can pull that off. Well for the starters there are already tons of videos out there in the social media sites and internet to help you out. But we have a compiled few of the styles here which you can wear with our list of bandana t shirts.

This list is going to help you out through the difficult job of pushing those small hairs into the bandana. Hope this list will provide you with all the answers to your questions on how to wear a bandana with short hair.

The pin up or rockabilly

The first up is the simple chic style is the pin up style with a knot on top. All you need is a bandana, color and design of your choice, next fold your bandana in two half matching the corners but diagonally forming a double fold triangle, the one you usually make while use a scarf. Then start folding from the top corner of the triangle to the base line creating a two to three inch width band. There you go, you first band bandana is done; now place the middle of the band at you nape, pull up the two ends on top of your head and tie a knot. You can keep the knot exactly at the center of your head, you can move it or keep sideways, or just how you prefer.

The rocker

The next up is the rocker look. This look is not new in the trend list. You must have seen many rockers and celebrities pulling a perfect bandana hair-do with this same exact look. Almost similar to the pin up look, start by making a triangle, then fold to make a band, place the middle of it on top of your head and tie the knot behind. Keep the loose ends down for that extra look. This hairdo goes well with longs hairs as well and bandana hairstyles with hair down are forever elegant.

The Rosie Riveter

Last but not the least is the famous Rosie the Riveter. This look is perfect to keep the hairs away and is exceptionally good for tough works where you need to get your hands dirty. The main purpose is to keep the hair up and away from the face.